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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jayden pumpkin carving 2010

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Jayden received his 4th black stripe.  He will test for his Yellow belt with the green stripe/ring in December!

Friday, June 25, 2010

so much going on and it's only June!

we have had a busy summer so far.. I am a little behind on posting.  I am catching up slowly but will get there.  We have gone to the Circus, the Zing Zang Zoom B&B circus.  Mikhail was suppose to go with us but had to leave town with his mom..  sad :(    Kiana, Madison & Jayden really enjoyed it!!  me and vernon did too.. EXCEPT those seats were so crammed in - yeesh!

going swimming, playing with friends, park play and lots of play dates, TaeKwonDo and his OT weekly - WE have been really busy!!  We went to see karate Kid recently.  Jayden and his friend Tyler wore their outfit.  So cute they were!

Kiana and Madison come over while Elisha is at work.  all 3 kids keep us all that much busier....  All 3 are in the Summer Reading program.  Weekly we attend the library with a new entertainer for kids.  There are many FUNNY adults that act silly!

Shayanna is doing good - spending lots of time at home this June.  I will be having her over tonight - will post a new pic - she is growing so fast! tomorrow she will be 19 mo old!  after having her tubes in - she started picking up a couple of words but is regressing back...   so here's hoping for a speech eval to possibly help her along.

Today... we are going on a boat with some friends and their family.  so a boat full of 4 adults and 5 kids.. Interesting as Vernon thinks he will get in some fishing while the kids are swimming...  this should be some good picture taking!  LOL

ps... YEESH!! I am 48 today.. where does the years go.........
God Bless you all today and please leave some comments!

jayden testing for his yellow belt

Jayden is testing for his Yellow belt!  So proud that he is learning his forms., practicing his kicks, jumps and blocks. 

I took LOTS of pictures but charmng with a few of summer swimming lessons

 Jayden was trying really hard to swim.. He practiced swimming under water and actually likes it!  By the end of the 2 weeks he came really far in swimming on his arm.  of course, he still has crazy legs kicking everywhere...
 Madison, a little skittish about someone "making" her lay on her back tried real hard and by the end of 2 weeks Madison did really well both on her back, jumping off the boards, down the big slide and swimming in water.  So proud of Maddie!!
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 Kiana a natural in the water was in the more advanced group.  I was really impressed with her no fear of water.. except... when it came to the high board - that was another story!
Madison, Jayden and friend & neighbor Jordan was in the same group.  June 2010

Jayden graduates from Kindergarten!!

Jayden is a Kindergarten Graduate!!  YEAH!!  again.. silly camera date - Graduation was 25 May 2010 from Rex Elem.

Announcing a bouncing, Jumping new 5 year old boy for Vernon and Doris parker..

Finally  Jayden is Adopted and is ours.. Like he wasn't already!  He got to sit on the Judges bench, which he wasn't sure if he should or not.  The Judge gave him his Gavel and made him promise to NOT hit us...  Notice the date...  silly camera.  Actual date was May 27th 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it's been awhile....

Sorry it's been a long time since I have posted. BEEN really busy with grandkids between swimming lessons and TaeKwonDo and library reading programs.. We have been quite busy! AND this I mind you is for Jayden and other grandkids!!

Vernon has been fishing and has been quite happy that the Laker's won again.. Though NOT surprised.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shayanna is TRYING to talk on phone

while playing on the trampoline - LIKE her mother - goodness forbid if the cell phone wasn't in use... See her trying to text.. LOL

Jayden using Shayanna & a cord to "fish" (her doll of course was the big catch

Needless to say - Shayanna was not to happy with her brother as Jayden attached the clip from a card to Shayanna's baby doll and threw "her out" and they proceeded to "reel" her back in.... What a catch!

isn't this a cool pic

Shayanna, Kiana, Madison and Jayden in the slide area at Burger king play area. I love the colrs and intend of framing this one. The other pic is cool since they are looking up at me at the play area...

Jayden and fellow tae kwon do'ers were demoing today at the local park event.

This was just a handful of those who showed up to Demo Tae Kwon Do. Jayden also was the first to kick and break the board.. seen in pic. if you would like to seee more pics - let me know.. I "ONLY" took 53! LOL

Kiana and Madison jumping on rampoline

This is just a sample of pics - I took @20 pics of them jumping - it was fun - Madison's hair up in the air and their bodies just looks like they are floating.. it was fun to watch them.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jayden 1st testing to get his white belt with yellow stripe 24th April 2010

Not to presume that he passed to the next higher belt - but he did.. Suppose to wait till class on Tuesday but he did so well....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Autism card

my 2nd card. I like this one better and hopefully it will liked enough for the fund-raiser

Friday, April 16, 2010

Autism card made for Obsessed with Scrapbooking and the Cricut message board

April 10th 2010: we attended the Heartspring Autism Care Walk here in Wichita kansas. It was our 1st walk to support a cause an d it felt good to help others. A few months ago, our grandson/son was diagnosed with PDD Perasive Developmental Disorder. We had so much to learn and so many questions to be answered. Understanding Autism and finding the missing link in each of our special kids! Hope you like the card. Wish I had scanned it a little differently.. sorry
:) Cricut cartridge used was DON JUAN and papers from Close to my Heart. Font used was ?? but was on the CK font cd.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seeing my Grandson, Mikhail

What a wonderful night this has been! To see my grandson after all these years. a little over 3 to be exact!! Mikhail now 4 is such a handsome lil man and he looks like his sister, Shayanna 14 mo and big brother, Jayden 5 yrs - Don't you think??? jayden and Mikhail have the same smiles and similarities of looks for Shayanna and Mikhail.. genetics :)

The boys got along so well. Shayanna was just there as she was interested in trying to drink our soda instead and playing on the slide. Mikhail even called me Grandma.. which to be honest chocked me up inside.. Vernon aka Papa was excited too but you know us women... emotional and mushy!!

And if you think these are the only pictures I took - not even close!! Time to scrap a new book!!

We will see each other again as we are NOW playing the roll of grandparents! PRAISE THE LORD!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NEW trampoline for Jayden

We joined the rest of the neighborhood and got Jayden his very own trampoline! Vernon and Jayden put it together and yes.. I did help too :). Jayden was so excited to get on and every day since he has been jumping.
MAY I give you a piece of advice.. as you see me jumping and bounced down on my bottom... BE CAREFUL!! guess what I did.... pulled some tendons or whatever they call it in my groin.. OW! this hurts!!

Heartspring Autism walk on 10 April 2010

Jayden and I and MANY others walked 2 miles on the little bit of a windy day but otherwise nice outside! I was very proud of Jayden as he kept his 'thoughts"on the importance of walking... There was bouncing rooms at the end of the walk!
He became a little anxious with so many people around him but we overcame this and continued our journey to the food.. I mean the end...
We walked with new friends as they too have families with Autism and we all share a bond in one way or another. Besides the 4 boys are about the same age and in Tae Kwon Do together.
Thank you for your support as we raised $100.00!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is here!!

Isn't the sign of Spring just breathtaking. The grass is turning green, trees blooming and the flowers are coming out. many are working on their yards and taking walks. And yes.. I'll spoil it with all that sneezing and allergies. BUT isn't this just so beautiful what God has created for us after a long cold winter. Amazingly beautiful!!

Easter 4 April 2010 Nana & Papa with grandkids

Though missing 3 grandkids (they were with the other grandma). we had alot of fun at Kristal's house today.
Shayanna, whom seeing Crying was upset because she wanted to be held by me and "me" wanted a picture. and yes, I did hold her a lot after the picture :)
Now imagine this pretty white dress and giving Shayanna a chocolate marshmallow bunny... What was I thinking?? she'll eat it and stay clean.. silly me!

Jeremiah (3) was such a good boy today.. and to think I was worried with all the candy... though he did bite into an hard boiled and all Yes.. he spit and we laughed.

Nevaeh (4) was such a good girl all pretty in her pink dress. Always a young lady.. (don't let that cuteness fool ya..)

leah is so quiet today. it'll hit her tonight after all that sugar! Aren't those piggy tails with ribbons cute on her.

Jayden (5) is standing there which I can only imagine he's saying.. let's go with the picture.. more eggs to find! Considering he just finished an Easter hunt at Church. and one yesterday at the Sedgwick Zoo!

Cheyenne (5) in her cute pink and white patterned dress is ready to go and find those eggs! Cheyenne says to me as she enters the door.. Grandma Dori.. I love you can we look for eggs now!

Me and Vernon... well... We took A lot of pictures. I am going to have fun scrap-booking all of these! As far as the sugar intake... we only have to take Jayden home and all that sugar doesn't really affect him. Though he was starving for some pizza later! As for the others... reports of Shayanna was quite funny as she was running around like a crazy child. Haven't heard about the other 4. and Yes.. I was overdosed with a little to much sugar and yup.. that Pizza did the trick for all of us!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

we were walking one evening and we just had to take a pic

Such a beautiful yet cool evening as the wind was soft yet was making his presence known.. Jayden decided to feed the ducks and this neat pavilion just screamed at me.. TAKE A PICTURE.. so, of course, I obliged! march 2010

Day at park - So nice outside 2 April

Shayanna (16 mo) Jayden (5) and papa (vernon) and nana (me) had such fun at the park down the street from us! It was such a nice day outside. minus the wind...