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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seeing my Grandson, Mikhail

What a wonderful night this has been! To see my grandson after all these years. a little over 3 to be exact!! Mikhail now 4 is such a handsome lil man and he looks like his sister, Shayanna 14 mo and big brother, Jayden 5 yrs - Don't you think??? jayden and Mikhail have the same smiles and similarities of looks for Shayanna and Mikhail.. genetics :)

The boys got along so well. Shayanna was just there as she was interested in trying to drink our soda instead and playing on the slide. Mikhail even called me Grandma.. which to be honest chocked me up inside.. Vernon aka Papa was excited too but you know us women... emotional and mushy!!

And if you think these are the only pictures I took - not even close!! Time to scrap a new book!!

We will see each other again as we are NOW playing the roll of grandparents! PRAISE THE LORD!!

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