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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shayanna is TRYING to talk on phone

while playing on the trampoline - LIKE her mother - goodness forbid if the cell phone wasn't in use... See her trying to text.. LOL

Jayden using Shayanna & a cord to "fish" (her doll of course was the big catch

Needless to say - Shayanna was not to happy with her brother as Jayden attached the clip from a card to Shayanna's baby doll and threw "her out" and they proceeded to "reel" her back in.... What a catch!

isn't this a cool pic

Shayanna, Kiana, Madison and Jayden in the slide area at Burger king play area. I love the colrs and intend of framing this one. The other pic is cool since they are looking up at me at the play area...

Jayden and fellow tae kwon do'ers were demoing today at the local park event.

This was just a handful of those who showed up to Demo Tae Kwon Do. Jayden also was the first to kick and break the board.. seen in pic. if you would like to seee more pics - let me know.. I "ONLY" took 53! LOL

Kiana and Madison jumping on rampoline

This is just a sample of pics - I took @20 pics of them jumping - it was fun - Madison's hair up in the air and their bodies just looks like they are floating.. it was fun to watch them.