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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mikhail - Christmas Tux

Mikhail... He is so handsome in this tux!  Even though this picture was taken for the Christmas play he was in as the beginner speaker.  He is such a smart kid.  Jumping2nd year of preschool and went into kindergarten.  he turned 5 before this picture.  (don't look at picture date - camera is possessed).  Now i have tons of pictures of Mikhail but this one is my favorite!

Jsyden at Sedgewick park play area

The faster.. the higher.. the better..  Jayden loves this park.  Originally this park was intended for special needs kids.  as this is the most coolest playground anywhere!!  the pic below does it no justice to what is really available at this park in Wichita, ks

Just the walk wayI took pics from.  it goes in all directions!!

jayden and food therapy

Is it worth trying for a marsh-mellow??  Jayden, 6 as you may not know is going to heartspring for Food therapy.  He has issues eating. It's the sensory in his mouth that he has problems with.  we recently started this program.  This I think is the 2nd visit.  we have to try a new food each week be it if we taste, swallow, lick or chew it.. it is a start....

dipping this pretzel (which he likes) into the ranch dip (which is eww..) was a challenge.  but for several marshmellows - we tried it.. gagged a little but with many attempts.  we did it.


Madison.. a redhead and a beauty!  Shy as can be BUT feisty in disguise!!  Madison is in 1st grade.  She loves to be rough and tough!  Loves to fish and has the patience that even i don't have!!

a tooth grows back in where the first one fell out!  She sure is growing up!!

Kiana turns 9

Kiana and both her grandmas's.  Me & Pam have taken a picture with each granddaughter together since the day they were born.    Kiana turned 9 on 21 Feb 2011

always a happy girl when we receive money for our birthday!!  a 3rd grader, very smart.. especially in reading and spelling!!  Kiana is well a mothering girl.. always wants to be in control of the group and the leader!  Loves to bike ride.  She also got a scooter for her birthday!!

Shayanna at 1 day old to almost 2.5 yrs old

look ay my grandbaby.. just think she is all grown up and so miss. Independent!  Her speech isn't there but she definetly understands what you are asking her.  Just last summer she was afraid of the trampoline and NOW she just loves it!!  can't get her off!  She has been potty training for months now so I am hoping that by her 3rd birthday she will be done completely!!  She is still a grandmas's girl.  aww.. to my heart she is

Shayanna at 1 day old on 27 November (which on this day was thanksgiving!  Born at 10pm ish on the 26th.  she is the first grandbaby to be born on a Wednesday!  All the other grandkids were born on a Thursday..

a nice day for Feb 2011

well here is Vernon and I.  It was a nice day out, considering it was Feb.

Autism walk on 2nd April 2011

Since Jayden has been diagnosed with Autism and receiving services through Heartspring.. Walking and raising money has become that much more important.  Kiana and Madison walked with us.  I think it was an eye opener to the many different types of kids that God has blessed us all with!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it's been a while

I've decided to go ahead and keep up with this blog...  let family know what we are doing..  so I hope you will pass this blog to family and friends

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jayden pumpkin carving 2010

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Jayden received his 4th black stripe.  He will test for his Yellow belt with the green stripe/ring in December!

Friday, June 25, 2010

so much going on and it's only June!

we have had a busy summer so far.. I am a little behind on posting.  I am catching up slowly but will get there.  We have gone to the Circus, the Zing Zang Zoom B&B circus.  Mikhail was suppose to go with us but had to leave town with his mom..  sad :(    Kiana, Madison & Jayden really enjoyed it!!  me and vernon did too.. EXCEPT those seats were so crammed in - yeesh!

going swimming, playing with friends, park play and lots of play dates, TaeKwonDo and his OT weekly - WE have been really busy!!  We went to see karate Kid recently.  Jayden and his friend Tyler wore their outfit.  So cute they were!

Kiana and Madison come over while Elisha is at work.  all 3 kids keep us all that much busier....  All 3 are in the Summer Reading program.  Weekly we attend the library with a new entertainer for kids.  There are many FUNNY adults that act silly!

Shayanna is doing good - spending lots of time at home this June.  I will be having her over tonight - will post a new pic - she is growing so fast! tomorrow she will be 19 mo old!  after having her tubes in - she started picking up a couple of words but is regressing back...   so here's hoping for a speech eval to possibly help her along.

Today... we are going on a boat with some friends and their family.  so a boat full of 4 adults and 5 kids.. Interesting as Vernon thinks he will get in some fishing while the kids are swimming...  this should be some good picture taking!  LOL

ps... YEESH!! I am 48 today.. where does the years go.........
God Bless you all today and please leave some comments!

jayden testing for his yellow belt

Jayden is testing for his Yellow belt!  So proud that he is learning his forms., practicing his kicks, jumps and blocks. 

I took LOTS of pictures but charmng with a few of summer swimming lessons

 Jayden was trying really hard to swim.. He practiced swimming under water and actually likes it!  By the end of the 2 weeks he came really far in swimming on his arm.  of course, he still has crazy legs kicking everywhere...
 Madison, a little skittish about someone "making" her lay on her back tried real hard and by the end of 2 weeks Madison did really well both on her back, jumping off the boards, down the big slide and swimming in water.  So proud of Maddie!!
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 Kiana a natural in the water was in the more advanced group.  I was really impressed with her no fear of water.. except... when it came to the high board - that was another story!
Madison, Jayden and friend & neighbor Jordan was in the same group.  June 2010

Jayden graduates from Kindergarten!!

Jayden is a Kindergarten Graduate!!  YEAH!!  again.. silly camera date - Graduation was 25 May 2010 from Rex Elem.

Announcing a bouncing, Jumping new 5 year old boy for Vernon and Doris parker..

Finally  Jayden is Adopted and is ours.. Like he wasn't already!  He got to sit on the Judges bench, which he wasn't sure if he should or not.  The Judge gave him his Gavel and made him promise to NOT hit us...  Notice the date...  silly camera.  Actual date was May 27th 2010