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Thursday, March 25, 2010

grandaughters 2 - papa - 1

We got PAPA!! We got PAPA!! he doesn't look to worried - does he!! Madison and Kiana love ganging up on Papa. March 2010

Like mother, like daughter

Kristal, Shayanna's mom was about 15-16 mo old in 1986, standing on a chair was silly as she was eating hot dogs and here we have Shayanna at 15 mo old March 2010 eating fruit and was just as silly....

Jayden in Martial Arts

Jayden and others were challenged to knock Mr. Shank down in Tae Kwon Do the other night. Mr Worth finally did... Jayden has earned 4 stripes now on his white belt. His kicking is getting better and stronger.

WACKY WEDNESDAY at school for Jayden March 24 2010

Jayden was quite hesitant about dressing wacky for school. I assured him others would be dressed the same for his Kindergarten class. After getting his shoes, Jayden decided to wear shorts over his pants. I had fun messing his hair us with mousse and hairspray. I wonder what the people thought as they drove by. LOL

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures are the soul to our being. share with me yours.

I love pictures. Never need a reason to take a picture. The camera goes with me wherever I go... Think about it - YOU never know when I need to take one - RIGHT! :)