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Friday, June 25, 2010

I took LOTS of pictures but charmng with a few of summer swimming lessons

 Jayden was trying really hard to swim.. He practiced swimming under water and actually likes it!  By the end of the 2 weeks he came really far in swimming on his arm.  of course, he still has crazy legs kicking everywhere...
 Madison, a little skittish about someone "making" her lay on her back tried real hard and by the end of 2 weeks Madison did really well both on her back, jumping off the boards, down the big slide and swimming in water.  So proud of Maddie!!
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 Kiana a natural in the water was in the more advanced group.  I was really impressed with her no fear of water.. except... when it came to the high board - that was another story!
Madison, Jayden and friend & neighbor Jordan was in the same group.  June 2010

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