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Friday, June 25, 2010

so much going on and it's only June!

we have had a busy summer so far.. I am a little behind on posting.  I am catching up slowly but will get there.  We have gone to the Circus, the Zing Zang Zoom B&B circus.  Mikhail was suppose to go with us but had to leave town with his mom..  sad :(    Kiana, Madison & Jayden really enjoyed it!!  me and vernon did too.. EXCEPT those seats were so crammed in - yeesh!

going swimming, playing with friends, park play and lots of play dates, TaeKwonDo and his OT weekly - WE have been really busy!!  We went to see karate Kid recently.  Jayden and his friend Tyler wore their outfit.  So cute they were!

Kiana and Madison come over while Elisha is at work.  all 3 kids keep us all that much busier....  All 3 are in the Summer Reading program.  Weekly we attend the library with a new entertainer for kids.  There are many FUNNY adults that act silly!

Shayanna is doing good - spending lots of time at home this June.  I will be having her over tonight - will post a new pic - she is growing so fast! tomorrow she will be 19 mo old!  after having her tubes in - she started picking up a couple of words but is regressing back...   so here's hoping for a speech eval to possibly help her along.

Today... we are going on a boat with some friends and their family.  so a boat full of 4 adults and 5 kids.. Interesting as Vernon thinks he will get in some fishing while the kids are swimming...  this should be some good picture taking!  LOL

ps... YEESH!! I am 48 today.. where does the years go.........
God Bless you all today and please leave some comments!

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