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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shayanna at 1 day old to almost 2.5 yrs old

look ay my grandbaby.. just think she is all grown up and so miss. Independent!  Her speech isn't there but she definetly understands what you are asking her.  Just last summer she was afraid of the trampoline and NOW she just loves it!!  can't get her off!  She has been potty training for months now so I am hoping that by her 3rd birthday she will be done completely!!  She is still a grandmas's girl.  aww.. to my heart she is

Shayanna at 1 day old on 27 November (which on this day was thanksgiving!  Born at 10pm ish on the 26th.  she is the first grandbaby to be born on a Wednesday!  All the other grandkids were born on a Thursday..

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