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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 4 April 2010 Nana & Papa with grandkids

Though missing 3 grandkids (they were with the other grandma). we had alot of fun at Kristal's house today.
Shayanna, whom seeing Crying was upset because she wanted to be held by me and "me" wanted a picture. and yes, I did hold her a lot after the picture :)
Now imagine this pretty white dress and giving Shayanna a chocolate marshmallow bunny... What was I thinking?? she'll eat it and stay clean.. silly me!

Jeremiah (3) was such a good boy today.. and to think I was worried with all the candy... though he did bite into an hard boiled and all Yes.. he spit and we laughed.

Nevaeh (4) was such a good girl all pretty in her pink dress. Always a young lady.. (don't let that cuteness fool ya..)

leah is so quiet today. it'll hit her tonight after all that sugar! Aren't those piggy tails with ribbons cute on her.

Jayden (5) is standing there which I can only imagine he's saying.. let's go with the picture.. more eggs to find! Considering he just finished an Easter hunt at Church. and one yesterday at the Sedgwick Zoo!

Cheyenne (5) in her cute pink and white patterned dress is ready to go and find those eggs! Cheyenne says to me as she enters the door.. Grandma Dori.. I love you can we look for eggs now!

Me and Vernon... well... We took A lot of pictures. I am going to have fun scrap-booking all of these! As far as the sugar intake... we only have to take Jayden home and all that sugar doesn't really affect him. Though he was starving for some pizza later! As for the others... reports of Shayanna was quite funny as she was running around like a crazy child. Haven't heard about the other 4. and Yes.. I was overdosed with a little to much sugar and yup.. that Pizza did the trick for all of us!

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